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New mythbusting booklet

Red Pepper mythbusters book

Mythbusters are a regular feature of Red Pepper magazine and seven of the most popular pieces have been brought together in a new booklet for mass distribution.

It answers the common myths about unions, welfare reform, immigration and housing. It exposes what private finance doesn’t want you to know about pensions, sets the record straight on higher education and crucially explains why there’s absolutely no need for public spending cuts.

We’ve all had those moments when some right-wing myth is casually slipped into conversation. You know it’s not true, but sometimes it’s hard to convince people of a fairer point of view, especially if you’re trying to explain something that you see as common sense.

It doesn’t help that the national tabloids tend to reinforce the the most outrageous and divisive ideas. We see headlines such as “They’ve stolen all our jobs” (Daily Star on immigrants), “75% on sick are skiving” (Daily Express), and recently the Daily Mail described an accused child murderer as a “Vile product of Welfare UK”.

The truth is that we need migration, just as much as we need to save and strengthen welfare. While the government and corporations attack the welfare state under the veil of austerity, it’s all too convenient for them if the rest of us blame each other and fight amongst ourselves.

This booklet is designed to put the record straight when it comes to rumours that blame the poor and vulnerable for society’s problems.

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The Kilburn Manifesto

The Kilburn Manifesto is a statement being made in twelve monthly instalments, issued free online, about the nature of the neoliberal system which now dominates Britain and most of the Western world, and about the need to develop coherent alternatives to it. Its principal authors, Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey and Michael Rustin have had a long association with the New Left, since its first days in 1956, and have been significant figures in its various initiatives, such as the founding of Universities and Left Review and New Left Review, the May Day Manifesto (just reissued) and the Greater London Council led by Ken Livingstone. They are the founding editors of the journal Soundings, which is responsible for the Kilburn Manifesto, and which has reissued the 1968 May Day Manifesto in the context of this initiative.

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New Maps For An Island Planet

Doreen Massey, Andrew Simms, Carolyn Steel and Lemn Sissay

Tuesday 13 March, 6.30pm

Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London

Join us for a discussion that will sketch out routes for navigating the complex challenges presented by global economic and ecological crises. The panel: geographer Doreen Massey; architect Carolyn Steel; and campaigner Andrew Simms, draw on their contributions to the publication ATLAS: Geography, Architecture and Change in an Interdependent World, edited by Renata Tyszczuk, Joe Smith, Nigel Clark, Melissa Butcher (London: Black Dog Publishing, February 2012).

Poet Lemn Sissay performs at this event which is chaired by broadcaster Quentin Cooper.

After the panel discussion join us in the foyer for Open Book, a chance to engage and exchange ideas with contributors to the ATLAS.

ATLAS presents new work by the Open University OpenSapce Research Centre and its collaborators.
The event marks the fourth of the OU's annual Doreen Massey Lectures.

Tickets £10 from the Southbank Centre

Lipman Miliband Trust recent publications

Recent Publications

Socialist Register 2010

Morbid Symptoms; Health under Capitalism

Amandla: Taking Power Seriously

The new left monthly magazine launched in South Africa

The Labour Party and Foreign Policy: A History

by John Callaghan

Power and Participation in Modern Britain

A literature review by democratic audit. Obtainable for £12.50, from Prof Stuart Weir, Democratic Aujdit, Denmore Lodge, Brunswick Gdns, Cambridge CB5 8DQ

UHC Collective Works

Manchester 2005-2006

Remember Saro-Wiwa: The Living Memorial

The living memorial to Ken Saro-Wiwa

Socialist Register 2007

Coming to Terms with Nature

Ramparts of Resistance: Why Workers Lost Their Power and How to Get it Back

by Sheila Cohen

Socialist Women of Sri Lanka

by Wesley Muthiah, Selvy Thiruchandran, Sydney Wanasinghe

The Israeli Dilemma: A Debate Between two left-wing Jews

Letters between Marcel Liebman and Ralph Miliband

Click here for more information (pdf)
Born Jewish: A childhood in Occupied Europe

by Marcel Liebman

For Space, by Doreen Massey

An impassioned argument for revitalising our imagination of space

Socialist Register 2006:

Telling The Truth