Applications for funding: Guidelines for applicants

Please note:

The maximum grant awarded from the main fund is £1000. Please bear in mind that this is the top sum and that we frequently offer to make contributions of less than £1000.

The Trust cannot award grants for work associated with political parties.

Please note that the Trust cannot subsidise costs for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

There is no rule limiting the number of applications any one candidate may make, although no more than one grant can be awarded in any 24 months to any applicant.

The Trust exists to fund specific projects. We do not have sufficient resources to finance running costs. In normal circumstances we do not fund wages or contribute to living expenses. We will, however, consider travel and work-related expenses which contribute to socialist education and research.

The Secretary will be pleased to comment on draft proposals.

All recipients will be expected to submit a concise report back on completion of their projects.

Meeting dates: The Trust meets three times a year to consider grant applications – in February, June and October. The deadline for applications for any particular meeting is the end of the month prior to that meeting – i.e. 31 January, 31 May and 30 September. The Trust replies to all requests, irrespective of whether they have been successful. We aim to provide a response within one month following the application deadline.

All completed application forms should be sent to the Secretary at the following address: