Projects 2003

Act Together – Women against Sanctions and War on Iraq

Our Life in Pieces exhibition – Objects and stories from Iraqis in Exile

Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation

Cordoba Seminar on Peace and Human Rights

Cynthia Cockburn

Cypriot Women imagining a Future Cyprus, published in 2004 as The Line: Women, Partitions and the Gender Order in Cyprus

Asad Rehman

chair of the Newham Monitoring Project; contribution to travel expenses to Porto Alegre World Social Forum

John Callaghan and Mark Phythian

contribution to book: The Labour Party and British Foreign Policy

Marxism and History

conference to launch John Saville's political memoirs Memoirs from the Left (2003)

Chris Arthur

travel grant to present paper to conference on ‘Marx’s Theory of Money: Modern Appraisals’

Bat Shalom – Israel Women's Peace Group

contribution towards the celebration of Women, Land and Land Day

FFBIZ (Frauen forschungs,bildungs-und-Informationszentrum e.V.) Berlin

contribution to international conference Women Gender World, 20th and 21st centuries

Sheffield Socialist Choir

participation in choral festival in Cuba

Women’s Budget Group (London)

updating and maintenance of website

Sue Innes

Women’s Movement in Scotland in the 19th and 20th centuries

Forum for the Study of Crisis in the 21st Century

seed money for website

Women’ Social and Political Union

Centenary celebrations, Manchester


development of new course curriculum at Birkbeck College entitled The Body Politic